Dos and Don’ts of Press Release Marketing

Do's and Don'ts Press Release Marketing

What is a Press Release?

Press release marketing is simply the best medium in getting traffic back to your site. And, a well-written press release can help you in reaching your objective.

But, what exactly is a press release? This is a one type of marketing along with an objective of pulling traffic and publicity for all companies. A reliable press release mainly concentrates on your product or your service.

Any educational or informative news may make your website different from others. The main goal is to get your press release published and read by thousands of people. When you write a press release, there are still a lot of things you need to consider.

Below are some of the dos and don’ts of press release marketing.


– Answer the 5 W’s

The Press release format should answer the 5 W’s such as:

• Who, the one publishing the press release
• What, talks about the news
• Where, the place if needed
• When, talks about the date
• Why, reason of the press release

– Catching Headline

The heading of the press release should be catchy and captivating as well. By getting readers excited about what you do, they will turn their attention on your business or your site. Keep their attention glued to what you like to say. And thus, your readers will read its entirety.

– Never Forget to Include the Media Contact from Your Company

Tell your audience how they could contact you when they want to. When you have a website, offer a comment box and return any queries they may have. Also, include the email address and phone number.

– Include a Quote

A quote from a manager will help your press release to be more reliable and more truthful.

– Write In Third Person

When making a press release, always write in a third person point of view. Or else, it will be not published by the press release sites.

– Be More Precise and Straight to the Point

Reaching the desired audience is the key to a successful press release. The detail you provide will draw the attention of certain people. And thus, you really need to be specific and focus on the news.

– Proper Word Choice

Focus on the good choice of words. Don’t say too much about one thing. Instead, be more precise and just choose only the best words. Better yet, choose only for simple words that are easy to understand.

– Give Examples

Give your audience a few of examples to prove them and clear all their hesitations on what you say. Also, give some examples or proofs along with the names and dates.


– Over Promotion

A media release is not about marketing a product or service or trying to make sales. This is entirely about offering some pertinent and reliable information. It is also mainly about telling a journalist about something that happened to be trustworthy. An overly media release only leads to PR that is trashed without even being published.

– Spelling and Grammar Errors

Spelling errors or grammatical errors can only leave readers annoyed. So, double check your grammar or spelling prior to submitting your PR.

– Too Much Information

It may also be possible that in writing a PR, you may be giving too much information. Discussing more about the minor things of a certain topic only leaves readers bored and tired. Discuss it straight to the point. Your press release should be short but should be packed with all of the valuable information.

– Jargon and Complex Language

You may already have an idea of the acronyms and jargons used in your business. On the other hand, make sure that your press release explains it further any of the complicated languages or acronyms you are use. Keep in mind that your readers may not be familiar with the business that you do.

– Being Boring

Simply because it is a press release does not mean it has to be dull and boring. You should awaken all of the senses of the readers. Make your media release interesting to read. This way, they are likely to read on your press release. Also, get your press released published. Try to openly sell your service and product and as much as possible with the use of exclamation marks.

Press releases or PR’s increase the visibility of your brand or business. And, creating a good one is truly essential. Better to supply an informative and catchy PR to increase your sales. You can reach your marketing goals by means of writing a good press release. It should be concise and clear. Make sure to research more before you issue your press release for you to be sure of reaching your targeted audience.